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How often is your municipality able to provide a public service offering to constituents that requires NO TAXPAYER FUNDS?

The ProAct Prescription Drug Discount Card Program is FREE to your Municipality and Free to your Participants. Participant savings are made possible thanks to local participating pharmacies whom agree to accept reduced margins on discount card transactions for patients that have no prescription drug coverage.


The ProAct Difference - Our Distinctive Competencies

  • Maximum Savings Levels - 52.4%

    • ProAct's cumulative average savings across our entire book of business is currently 52.4% - That's an estimated $33 saved on every prescription filled. 
  • Maximized Level of Access - Dedicated Marketing Budget

    • ProAct administers the ONLY discount card program offering a dedicated marketing budget which guarantees a direct mailing of cards to households in your municipalities. Other competitor offerings rely on your municipality's resources to made cards accessible to constituents.
    • Cards are also made available at County / Town offices and agencies, as well as local pharmacies.


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Anyone regardless of age or income can participate. No eligibility requirements.

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Not available for Tennessee residents.