Savings money on prescription drugs

September 17th, 2013

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) -- Most of us are well aware of the high cost of prescription medications, but thanks to a new program people who live in New Haven can get a big discount on prescription drugs, even if they don't have health insurance.

News 8 didn't have to go far at East Rock Drugs to find shoppers who love the idea of saving on average 45 percent on their prescription medication.

"I think that's great, I think they're really expensive," said Brooke Carroll. "I had a medication that I had to change the co-pay because it was too high. I think that's great."

Tuesday the city announced it will mail out and make available over the internet what's being called the New Haven Prescription Discount Card to everyone who lives in New Haven.

The cards can be presented at drug stores for big savings on not only prescription drugs, but also items that improve hearing and vision.

"With a lower income population, and an undocumented population we tend to have un-insured folks," said Mayor John DeStefano. "What this does is promote the health and well being of city residents."

New Haven isn't the only Connecticut community distributing these discount cards.

In fact, the Elm City is the 104th municipality to take advantage of a program offered by the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities.

And although average folks trying to stay healthy are clear winners, so is the pharmaceutical industry.

"Again, it works in the pharmaceutical company's favor if people who were unable to afford prescriptions are now able to afford them because of the discount," said Jim Finley, CCM. "Increased volume, increased sales."

The Mayor says the soon to be implemented Obamacare won't effect the discount cards.

Pharmacies are looking forward to an increase in business.

"Because some of them decide not to get medication because it's so expensive, but with the discount card it will help them get the medication they need," said Elias Rodriguez, East Rock Drugs.

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