Rx Drug Discount Program Hits $10 Million Milestone

September 16th, 2013

Monroe County's prescription drug discount program has hit a milestone.

Using the Penfield Wegmans as a backdrop, county leaders announced they've reached a $10 million savings for county residents.

Since the launch of the Pro-Act program in 2010, almost 200,000 prescriptions have been filled in Monroe County. The free program offers users up to 70 percent off the generic price of a script.

The program was started to help senior citizens, but is actually open to all county residents.

"The Monroe County Discount Prescription Program is a free program used by individuals that either, A, do not have health care or prescription care coverage, or even individuals who do have coverage, and find that that particular drug may not be covered by their plan," said program coordinator Mike Maenza.

The average savings is $52 per prescription.



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