Maturo touts East Haven's prescription drug discount card

July 25th, 2013

EAST HAVEN >> Mayor Joseph Maturo, Jr., said he is excited about the results witnessed over the first six months of the town's participation in a prescription drug discount card program, and stated the average citizen participating in the program saved nearly 60 cents on the dollar.

"A 60 percent savings on these prescriptions can certainly make the difference for many of our uninsured or under-insured residents, who without the car, might have to choose between medicine or food for themselves and their families," Maturo said in a prepared statement.

In January the official East Haven prescription drug discount card began popping up in residents' mailboxes, informing them the cards can be used regardless of age, income or existing health coverage. The cards are free of enrollment forms, membership fees, restrictions or limits on frequency of use for residents.

The reason for the helpful benefit? East Haven's membership in the Connecticut Conference for Municipalities, a legislative and policy group. New York-based pharmacy benefits company Pro Act offered the program to CCM, which in turn offered it to member communities.

Residents who do not already receive assistance in paying for prescription drugs are eligible. Each card is generic for a household, meaning anyone living at the address is eligible to use it, and the cards are also anonymous.

The program is profitable for Pro Act in that is takes advantage of a provision in contracts between pharmacies and pharmacy networks. The company builds business relationships through the program.

East Haven is one of several area towns that participate. Other communities include Guilford, Orange, Madison, Old Saybrook, Clinton, Branford and North Branford.

Maturo's press release states more than 10 percent of Connecticut residents, equaling roughly 360,000 people, currently lack health insurance and prescription plans while another 800,000 are under-insured.

More than 63,000 pharmacies nationwide participate in the card program.

Maturo noted any resident prescribed with a drug not covered under their current medical plan is also eligible.

"This is a great solution to a pressing issue that will positively impact residents in need across East Haven," he added.Call Evan Lips at 203-789-5727