Isanti County saves residents more than $96,000 with prescription discount cards

August 8th, 2013

In two years, Isanti County residents have collectively saved more than $96,000 while using the ProAct (previously TWRx) Prescription Discount Card Program.

The discount card program was exclusively endorsed by Isanti County in April of 2011. Since the program was implemented, residents have filled more than 2,000 prescriptions saving an average of 71 percent, or $46.63 on each prescription they fill.

Isanti County and ProAct worked together in an effort to help the uninsured and underinsured residents obtain financial relief at the pharmacy when filling their prescriptions. When residents utilize the discount card, they can expect to see savings ranging from 10-20 percent on brand name prescriptions and 20-50 percent on generic prescriptions.

For residents who lack full prescription coverage or for those who have no coverage at all, a trip to the pharmacy can be very costly.

For example a prescription costing $100 would cost approximately $29 under this plan. By taking advantage of this cost free program residents can see sizeable savings on each of the prescriptions that they fill.

In 2012, 374 Isanti County residents, without other prescription coverage, used the cards to save 73 percent on their prescriptions. The cost would have been all out of packet expenses without the card, an average of $48.55 more per prescription. So far in 2013, 282 people have used the cards to save 79 percent on their prescription drugs. All Isanti County pharmacies accept the card.

The discount card program is a cost free, hassle free way for residents to experience financial relief at the pharmacy counter. There are no prerequisites to utilize the discount card, anyone in the county is eligible to use the program and receive savings. Simply present the discount card at your local pharmacy and receive the discounts immediately. For additional inquiries regarding the discount card, contact ProAct at 877-726-3738.

Isanti County discount cards can also be printed online at and by going to the “print your RX card” drop down box at the top of the web page.

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