Genesee County Reminds Residents to Make Use of ProAct Prescription Discount Card

October 11th, 2013

In January 2001, Genesee County launched the ProAct Prescription Discount Card for its residents. By partnering with ProAct, Genesee County is one of the many counties across the country that has been able to provide its residents -- regardless of age or income -- affordable access to prescription medications. Every prescription receives a discount, including some pet medications.

When visiting the pharmacy, simply show the pharmacist/pharmacist technician the discount card and you can anticipate saving an average of 10-20 percent off name-brand medications and 20-70 percent off generic medications. Resident can visit the discount card Web site at to locate the nearest participating pharmacy as well as check the cost of their medications.

"This discount card provides every resident who uses it, regardless of age or income, the opportunity to save on prescriptions medications," said Mary Pat Hancock, chair of the Genesee County Legislature. "We encourage every resident to keep their card on hand and to take advantage of the money-saving program whenever possible."

Residents of Genesee County utilized the discount card to fill more than 26,000 prescriptions and collectively saved more than $1 million since the start of the program. The ProAct Prescription Discount Card Program is completely free for the county and residents. Discount cards have been provided to county offices including the Department of Social Services, the Health Department, the County Office Building and to all participating pharmacies.

To acquire a discount card or if your card has been lost, please visit one of the above referenced locations or if you have access to the Internet, with a few simple clicks you may print a Genesee County card at

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