County Issuing Discount Prescription Cards - CBS News; KLAS-TV Las Vegas

January 14th, 2013

LAS VEGAS -- Clark County residents are about to receive a prescription drug discount card in the mail.

County commissioners announced the prescription discount card program Monday morning.

The card cuts the price of name brand and generic medications between 10 to 70 percent and most pharmacies will accept the card.

Commissioners said the discount card is meant for the one out of five county residents lacking health insurance.

"The reason why companies are giving the discount, whether it's pharmacies or grocery store chains that have pharmacies, is they want people in the door," Commissioner Steve Sisolak said. "Normally when you come in the door and you get a prescription filled, you do something else at the same time. You might pick up juice, you might pick up water, you might do your grocery shopping."

People who already have a discount card from their own insurance plans would not be able to use the county card.

Clark County signed a one-year contract with New York-based company ProAct to manage the card program.


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