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January 14th, 2013

Clark County commissioners today unveiled a new prescription drug discount program that is available to all County residents and could provide savings of 10 to 70 percent on medications, and lower the cost of hearing and vision checkups, LASIK procedures and even some pet medicines.

During the next few days, every household in Clark County should be receiving a Clark County Prescription Discount Card in the mail. The cards are also available online at, and at various local pharmacies and community organizations.

There are no enrollment forms to fill out or fees to pay to use the Clark County Prescription Discount Card Program. All one needs to do is present a program card to a participating pharmacy or doctor’s office.

The discount cards cannot be used in conjunction with any insurance or other discount program, so the program will be most beneficial for residents without insurance. However, residents with health insurance will be able to use this program to reduce the cost of medications not covered by their insurance plan. The Clark County Discount Prescription Discount Card Program is expected lower the cost of most brand-name medications by 10 to 20 percent and most generic medications by 20 to 70 percent.

The program also includes discounts on hearing and vision checkups and LASIK procedures with participating physicians, plus savings on some pet medications. (Residents can save money on medications for their pet any time a human medication is prescribed for their pet and they obtain the medicine from a pharmacy that is participating in the discount program.) There is also a dental care component of the program that has an enrollment fee.

Last year, the commission entered into an agreement with ProAct to provide these discount cards to residents at no cost to the County. The discounts are made possible through ProAct’s negotiated rates with participating pharmacies and physicians.

The prescription discount cards are accepted at more than 55,000 pharmacies across the nation, including more than 290 pharmacies in Clark County such as CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, and many locally-owned pharmacies. For a complete list of the participating pharmacies call 855-702-SAVE (7283) or go to

Information about the pet prescriptions, hearing, vision, LASIK and dental benefits is also available through the website. Anyone without access to the Internet may call 866-956-5400 for information about the hearing benefit, and 877-201-3852 for information about the LASIK benefit.

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