Broome County's Prescription Discount Card Program Relaunched After Post-ACA Decline

April 13th, 2015

Broome County's Prescription Discount Card Program has saved residents $7.7 million since 2009. But since the launch of the Affordable Care Act, officials have seen the cards used a lot less frequently.

Monday they re-launched the prescription discount card, reminding Broome County residents that just because you're insured, that doesn't mean you can't still save money on medications.

"A lot of the time when this ACA rolls out, people think everything is going to be taken care of and they take everything as it comes.  We just want to provide the residents the opportunity in Broome County to really purchase their medication at an affordable price, and ultimately lead a healthier lifestyle," said Terrence O’Neill, the Pro Act program manager.

Pro Act, the company that runs the program, will be sending new prescription drug cards to everyone in Broome County.  You can expect them to start arriving on Tuesday.

And to check on the participating pharmacies and prescription costs, residents can

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